Colin M. Walsh

Colin began his pipe organ building career in 1977, at age 14,  in his native, Ireland. 

Mr. Walsh then immigrated to Canada in 1981, as a journeyman organbuilder.  There he continued in his craft, building and restoring pipe organs throughout the Maritime Provinces. 

Mr. Walsh moved to Pennsylvania in 1985, where he has since continued in organbuilding.  Throughout his career, he has strived to continue and enhance the art of organbuilding and has to his credit dozens of faithful restorations and rebuilt organs throughout the area. His firm employs apprentice programs to properly teach the appreciation and art of organbuilding. His career has encompassed the restoration of centuries-old tracker instruments to the rebuilding of modern instruments incorporating the most modern technologies, and the design and manufacture of new instruments. 

Kieran J. Walsh

​Kieran Walsh is Colin's son and truly brings a lifetime of experience to the industry. Almost before he could walk he would spend his Saturdays with his father in the organ workshop.  He literally grew up in the organ workshop assisting his father.  Kieran has been involved in music as a trumpet player through his entire scholastic career through university where he was in the Temple university band.  As a youth he toured Europe playing the trumpet in concerts in Austria, Italy, France Germany and Switzerland.  Kieran is a talented musician and musical theorist  and brings to the business an expansive knowledge of music, and the instrument.